I know some people who love to travel. Most people like to travel with friends or family, because then the fun and/or special moments can be shared between the travelling group. However, I also know a few people who like to travel alone. I just could not understand how anyone would enjoy travelling so far away from home, alone. This is because, without company, there is no one to share my enjoyment with and I think that life’s best moments are meant to be shared.

I feel that having friends and companionship is vital and that no one can go through life without it. This is partly due to the fact that I think that, as humans, we are born to love and also receive love. This means that this emotion should be at the core of our lives and affect the decisions we make. I don’t believe that anyone can live their life without loving anyone or anything. This is because I have noticed that for some people who live their lives cut off from the rest of society, such as some the elderly and homeless, having someone who is willing to talk to them makes them very happy.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will enjoy having company all the time, as there are times when I just want to be alone, even though I thoroughly enjoy the company of friends. This is because, in my opinion, being alone takes away the distractions that other people may bring, and can allow me to just reflect on things more effectively. This doesn’t mean that being alone is always good. Sometimes having someone to talk to about things that I don’t understand or just need to let go of can be very relieving. This point can be illustrated by revision, which some people think is most effective alone, but for some it is more effective in a group. However, ultimately if we still have something we do not understand then we will have to talk to someone.

I have had a three month holiday this summer, which has allowed me to spend a lot of time thinking alone. I must say that sometimes the quietness of being alone can be quite refreshing, as it can be a lot easier to clear some burning questions on my mind. As I haven’t been seeing many people over the holiday, I guess I am now letting my thoughts flow out of my head onto this blog; hence the name of it. But without having the worry of homework or exams for the first time in a while, I have been able to learn a bit more about myself, by venturing deep into the thoughts that affect me the most that I have not had the time or energy to dwell on before.

This has made me understand why some people may like travelling alone. They are able to escape their everyday lives temporarily, and just be able to reflect on the things that have been buried under their routine. I feel that striking a balance between solitude and companionship can be the key of being able to make the most out of our lives.


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