Trapped by Technology

I love technology. I think that it has improved modern day life tremendously, however I also think that it is able to control our lives if used too much. Technology can now be found in almost every single aspect of our lives, so it is very difficult to get away from it, but if the right balance is found then there is no need to do so.


I think a good example of how technology has changed things is with fitting multiple physical objects into one compact device. This can be seen with music players, mobile phones, books and many other things. I usually like the fact that I no longer have to carry CDs, DVDs or a camera around anymore, however with books I do not feel the same way. I still prefer to read the physical copy of a book, even though it is more inconvenient than an ebook and possibly less environmentally friendly. Ebooks can also be more informative than books in the respect that there are sometimes many features such as a built-in dictionary, as shown in the image above. However as much as I love technology, I don’t think anything can beat being able to hold and own a physical book with physical pages to flick through. Even though some ebooks have very realistic effects that make the experience of using it very similar to a physical book, I still always feel that there is something missing. Therefore if I want to read a book then I would get the physical copy, but I don’t totally oppose reading things electronically. For example for articles or relatively short passages of text, I think it is very convenient to be able to read them on a thin and light device.

In my opinion, the biggest way technology can now entrap us is with social networking. There are so many social networking sites nowadays and most people will be part of more than one site. This means that we will have to dedicate more time on social networking in order to check and update each site. I have recently read that people are now spending too much time on social networking, and spending more time with other people virtually than in reality. This is where the correct balance has to be found. I think social networking offers free and easy access to almost everyone I know no matter where they are in the world. However, if possible, I think that is always better to meet and talk face to face than over the internet.

There is now also fear with some people that future generations could forget how to write now most things are typed up, as it is much easier, and also normally provides a more professional appearance. In addition, instead of writing letters nowadays, contacting someone can be as easy as sending a text or message over the internet, which takes a couple of seconds to reach the recipient rather than a few days. These things take away the need for writing with pen and paper. I know people who refuse to use technology for this reason and I also know people who have actually told me that they are forgetting how to write due to this reason. I think these people are extreme cases, but it can be easy to fall into the category that relies on technology too much. As with everything else, I think a balance should be found so that technology can be used to make our lives easier and better, but we should not rely on it to an extent that we would not be able to function properly without it.


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