Love your Life

What is life if it is not meant to be loved and cherished? There are a lot of things to do with your life; some things you will love and some not so much. Obviously the ideal life would be filled with doing things you love, but life just isn’t that straightforward. We do a lot of things just for the sake of doing it.

A common example is with jobs or studying. Of course there are some people who do not have a choice but to find any sort of work in order to provide for themselves and maybe their family. School is also compulsory up to a certain age, and I am sure that there are quite a few students who would rather not have to study. There are also people who are lucky enough to be able to choose what career they want and also whether they want to continue studying or not, however not all these people will be content with what they are doing.

I think if someone lives in an environment where the choices of careers and education are widely available, i.e. in a developed country, then forward planning is required to avoid being stuck doing something for the sake of it. An example I have witnessed quite often is with education. Many people go through the standard route of education: nursery, primary, secondary, university/college. However once it gets to the end of secondary, the choice to continue studying goes into the hands of the student. In grammar schools, most people will go on to further education, and so there’s increased pressure for everyone to follow the same route even if it is not right for them. I have seen this lead to some people choosing the wrong course at university, because they never really knew which course to take but just went to university for the sake of getting the degree. They might get the degree in the end, but they might also feel that it was not worth the couple of years at university and the tens of thousands of pounds spent on tuition fees.

This is why forward planning is required: so that you always know what you want to happen next instead of dealing with the next stage when it is right at your doorstep, as it might be too late and result in a regretful decision. I think that living a controlled life will result in a happier life than if it was just left to ‘fate’; if such thing even exists. Of course this mainly applies to those lucky enough to be able to choose what career and education they want to pursue, and so such an opportunity should never be wasted. For those who have no choice or are too late to change their current course, there is always hope by creating your own opportunities or ‘fate’. There will still be many obstacles (if only life was so simple) but this is why we need to set ourselves seemingly impossible goals: in order to reach higher and be better.


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