Ticking the Right Boxes

Some people have a checklist for a dream partner. They say that if a person can meet these requirements then they will be amazing, and will instantly fall in love with them; however can this actually be true in reality?

In my opinion, love is the most powerful emotion. It can start and end wars. It can be the most painful and the happiest experience for a person. I also think that it is the most difficult emotion to define. For example, giving a gift to another person does not mean you love them and, similarly, thinking someone is pretty or handsome does not mean you love them. It can also drive people to do positive or negative things, whereas, most other emotions are usually biased on one side. The other emotions can be triggered much easier as well and we tend to experience them more often than love. This is one of the reasons why I think love is special.

So can there be a checklist for true love? I think that if the person truly believes that a person who meets their checklist will be their true love then it could become so. However not everyone has a checklist, and some people just believe that they are destined to meet their true love, if they are meant to have one. On the other hand, someone who ‘ticks the right boxes’ might not always end up being the right one, as they could have more qualities that are not desirable. The dream person who ticks all the boxes could also not exist, or even love the person back. This shows the complicated nature of love, and how it’s difficult to put a finger on.

Therefore, I think that love is more than ‘ticking the right boxes’. In my opinion, I don’t think a person who only strives to show specific qualities can call that love. I think love is going out of one’s way to show care and affection. In other words, it is impossible to be shown by just ticking boxes. It must be more than that and that extra mile is what is difficult to define. All the other emotions can be felt if the right boxes are ticked, but not love. Love is more than that and is a unique emotion.

I think that sometimes after people break up, a person can get over the other person but not the love that they received or even gave. So they could actually end up missing the love, and I think that can be more difficult to get over than a person. I think that it can make people look for another relationship immediately, to restore that special connection. This also shows that love can be different between different people and different relationships. The love between family differs from between a boyfriend or girlfriend, or between friends. This complicates it even more. There are rarely different types of the same emotion for emotions other than love.

All in all, love is difficult. There is no formula for it, or boxes to be ticked for it. So how comes we all know how to love?


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