A Glance

You’re walking down a street. There’s a stranger walking towards you. You glance up at them and in that split second they also decide to glance at you. Whether it’s coincidence or whether there’s some sort of connection between all people, you make eye contact for that instant. Then in that moment their eyes send a message, and suddenly it doesn’t feel like you’re strangers anymore. However, you look away and just carry on walking, probably never to see them again.

Have you ever experienced this before? Whenever I experience this, I find it quite fascinating how two people can connect, yet never speak to each other and only see each other for less than a second. It also shows how effective the eyes are at communicating. What the eyes say about a person, can sometimes never be described by words. It’s hard to explain how the eyes can convey a message, but I believe that they do and I don’t think it requires deep thought to see it. I guess there is that saying that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. This is why I think every eye contact with a stranger is special in its own positive or negative way; it can sometimes be a summary of that person in a glance.

Do you believe that there is the perfect partner for you out there? Can this be seen in just a glance? In other words, does love at first sight exist? I think it can, as a person’s eyes can show what they think about the person they’re looking at. So if two strangers feel an affection for each other and then catch each other’s eye, they can convey that message to each other without even saying anything.

When you go to a busy place, you might make eye contact with many people during the day; what if one of those contacts felt more special? What if that was actually your perfect partner, and you just walked straight past them, or they just disappeared into a crowd? Will you ever see them again? I sometimes ask myself these questions, but I usually have one answer to console them. I think that if that person was indeed my perfect partner, then we will meet again, because it’s meant to be. This might be over romanticising it, but if we never see each other again then I think we just weren’t meant to be together and it’ll only be futile to force it. I have the same mentality in relationships as well; perhaps it’s just my way to cope if things don’t go the way I want.

Therefore, I think that it is possible to develop a relationship with a stranger, because our brain can sometimes fill in the blanks the way we want them to be filled. This causes us to fantasise about a stranger, but I don’t think that’s a problem. It could just mean that sometimes, some of our best relationships are actually with a person we don’t even know.


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