Don’t Cry because it’s Over, Smile because it Happened

I always struggle with this quote from Dr. Seuss, because when things are over I am usually ‘crying’ and find it hard to smile. Sometimes, over time, after I fully accept things are over, then I can reflect back and remember how happy I was and the good memories will stay with me forever.

But what if I can’t fully accept that things are over? Those are the times when it is more difficult to smile because it happened. Normally, the main reason I can’t fully accept that things are over is because I can’t fully understand why it had to end. I still have unanswered questions floating around in my head, which I can’t get rid of, and until I get them answered then I usually cannot ‘smile because it happened’.

I know that everything ends eventually, but most things have a predetermined time as to when they end and I can expect and prepare for it. So even if I have a very good time that had to come to an end, I always knew it would end and I can sometimes plan for it to happen again. This makes it easier for my mind to accept that it had to end, and I can ‘smile because it happened’.

On the other hand, there are some things that you do not expect to end anytime soon, or there is no planned ending to it. These things can hit hard. It could be the death of a friend or relative, or a break-up. These events can lead to many questions popping up, which makes it difficult to accept, because we just can’t understand why it had to end.

I think the main reason why some things are difficult to accept that they are over is because you know that they cannot happen again. If someone close to you passed away, then you know that you can never talk to them or enjoy their company again. It can be quite similar in a break-up, except maybe not so extreme, as you know you will never share the same amount of love with them again.

Endings can become a great fear for people. The ultimate ending is death, and I think everyone naturally fears death. This is why many people tell us to live life to the full, because we only have one chance at it. I agree with this and think that this should be carried over to all our life experiences, in order to make the most out of them. I think that living life to the full not only includes for ourselves, but also for everyone around us.

I didn’t want this to be a downhearted post, but to be quite the opposite, even though I know it is difficult as it’s much easier to feel sad than happy after something good ends. However we should feel lucky that we managed to experience such good events in the first place. This now makes me cherish good experiences more, because you never know when they could end.


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