Life’s Journey

Life is sometimes seen as a path: it’s a journey. While walking along a path, the person will be working towards getting to their destination. The terrain on the path will change, and sometimes it will take longer to get to a destination if there is rough terrain, or if the path is long. Some paths are busier than others and sometimes there might be so many people on a particular path that it is very difficult and competitive to get on it. Some paths are more difficult to walk along, while some are easier. There will be more people sharing the easy paths, but the more difficult paths can sometimes be short-cuts to a destination if you feel that the increased difficulty is worth the time saved.

The people you know such as your friends and family can walk along with you when they are part of your life, however they also have their own paths and may sometimes part ways. They can also support you and help carry you at times, which can prove to be vital along very tough paths that cannot be travelled alone.

Your path that you choose to take will also lead you to towns or cities, and these define major points in your life where you might stay for as long or as short as you want. Of course, within these towns and cities there are still paths to choose from and sometimes it is easy to lose track and get lost within the chaos.

What if a person refuses to walk along a path though? Perhaps they see that there is a mountain or difficult terrain ahead and they feel exhausted. Of course it is possible to sit on the side of the path, but ultimately they will be stuck in the same place and eventually run out of resources for themselves if no one comes along the path and helps them.

Unfortunately it is impossible to walk backwards on this path, but we can look ahead up to a point. If you imagine yourself on a path, it is not always possible to see where it leads, or there might be an obstacle ahead that obscures your view of what is ahead. On the other hand, you can sometimes see buildings ahead that represent your destination. It is also possible to be affect by weather on the path. Sometimes we can get lost or slowed down if there is a storm, and it temporarily blocks the view of your destination. However, it is possible to prepare for the storms, and those who do are able to move on sooner.

Some people may see this as a tough and tedious journey, while others will relish at the adventure of discovering new places, people and challenges. I think that the key is preparation and planning, and making sure that there will be people to lend a hand when you get knocked down. So although life may sometimes seem as a lonely path, it can be chosen to be populated by the ones you love to give you a push when you need it.


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