One in Seven Billion

I consider finding a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife not too far away from being a miracle, even though most people who want to be in a relationship will one day end up being in one. This is because although there are about seven billion people in the world right now, we can still somehow end up finding ‘the one’.

This is where it depends if you believe that things in life happen by chance or fate. When I look at this through the perspective of chance then it does seem like a miracle, because the chance of meeting ‘the one’ really is about one in seven billion theoretically; but then it’s not really. If that was true then most people will never find their perfect partner; or maybe no one actually does. Most likely, the person we end up being with will be someone we cross paths with, and so of course the chance of meeting them will be less than one in seven billion. But how can we be sure that we’ll cross paths with ‘the one’? This is probably not a healthy thought, especially when in a relationship, but what if the person you are with is not the best person in the world you could be with? I guess this is when cheating comes in, when someone finds that there are better people out there.

Then there is fate, which is when we are destined to be or not to be with someone; the more romantic idea. Although this idea does seem more like a fantasy, I do believe that it makes more sense, because just based on chance will mean that it’ll be easier for many people to win the lottery than find a partner. I still think that finding someone to be in a relationship with is still a miraculous event though, even when it happens every day. This is because although it is relatively easy for a person to have a crush, I think that the chances of the other person liking them back is surely so low. Out of everyone in the world, I find it crazy how two people can feel the same way about each other. If they have very similar interests then maybe it does work a bit easier, but it’s still not always the case as opposites can still attract. Perhaps I’m looking at this through the chance perspective though, which is most probably wrong.

I’m sure it takes more than chance for a couple to be together. Perhaps for many couples, it takes more than one look to like a person. Sometimes it will take getting to really know the other person to find out that things could really work out, however what are the chances that they will have similar thoughts and feelings?

It’s hard to explain how relationships work though, because don’t they usually just work? Everything just clicks doesn’t it? I find it hard to explain this ‘click’ though, why do we click with some people and not with others? It’s not just to do with similarities is it?


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