When Things Start to Matter

I remember how much simpler life was when I was younger. The decisions I had to make would never have that much of an impact on my life. If I made a mistake then it was always fine because there would usually be someone to clean up after me, or I would be let off because I was a child.

It wasn’t just simpler due to the lower severity of the consequences of my actions, but also due to the lack of choices I had to make. This is because most of the time other people would decide things for me, and also because I just didn’t give myself as many options; probably due to my familiarity of the lower consequences of my actions, so I ended up not worrying as much about the consequences of what I did and not overthink situations. I think this is why there are many children who find it easier to do some things that would require older people to find some more courage. This could also be due to the naivety of children, but I think that naivety can be advantageous at times. Nowadays, too often do I overthink things and complicate a seemly simple task.

Worry is another thing that infected me less when I was younger, simply because if the consequences are minor then there isn’t really anything to worry about. Even simple things like what I am going to wear, or what my hair looks like, or how many calories is in my meal are rarely overthought by a child. In a way, I guess knowledge can harm us if it makes us overthink something that shouldn’t really be among our top priorities.

Priorities change as we get older though and can veer our lives one way or another. Dating gets more serious, and instead of perhaps dating something for the fun of it, it could be the search for your spouse. In my experience so far, it also seems like what people think about you can also become more important with age. Very often a person can be shaped by the people around them, and become not who they want to be but the person that society wants them to be. I guess children can also be easily influenced but perhaps as they have less freedom they can be kept in check by their parents. Once more freedom is available in the teenage years then a person can really change into anything they want to become; which is probably why many people call teens rebellious, but I think it’s more about trying things and finding out who you really are.

Although each person might not be able to make any major decisions at childhood, it is still the foundation of our lives and point us in the direction for which we will most likely live out the rest of our lives. I actually think that the decisions made in our childhood by our parents are the most important in our lives, as they make us who we are now. I guess we’re quite lucky that some of the most difficult decisions in our lives are made for us, and now when things seem like they start to matter; they are actually really don’t, comparatively.


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