Is it Easier to Become Successful Nowadays?

You may know the traditional way to become successful: to study hard and do well in education, which will then give you a better chance of having a good career. This was very true for a period of time when the people who were able to get into higher education were considered the intellectually elite group. However as more people follow this mentality and more universities open to accomodate this increase of demand, coming out of education with a degree can now seen as only the basic foundation. Of course there are alternatives such as apprenticeships, however in the past decade a new option has arised.

Almost everyone in the world has access to the internet nowadays, and so almost anything put onto the internet can potentially be accessed by any of these people. This means that it is now very easy for people to get noticed. The reason for getting noticed can vary from having a talent to just being a likeable or even dislikeable person.

YouTube is the platform that has arguably produced the most ‘stars’ in the past decade. The popularity of YouTube has turned it from merely a site where random amateur videos are uploaded, to many people’s full time job: having their own worldwide channel.

There are many reasons for the gain in popularity of YouTube, but I think the main reasons are due to its convenience and variety. YouTube existed before most TV channels could be viewed live online, and even though many TV channels are now also online, each channel is usually located on a separate app or website and it is less convenient. Another disadvantage is that on TV we are shown what the broadcaster decides to show and at the time they decide, so the viewer has very little control. On the other hand, the viewer can watch (almost) any YouTube video whenever they want and have full control.

Variety is another big factor because, as mentioned previously, on TV the broadcaster decides what to show and many channels have sub-channels to try to accommodate for different types of programmes. YouTube however, has so many videos that almost every genre is covered, but the best thing is that if the viewer cannot find a specfic type of video, they can create their own. This means that YouTube contains many original content and ideas, and so also one of the largest pools of talent in the world: from actors, directors and storytellers to personalities, athletes and singer/songwriters.

I have heard people say that is easier to become successful nowadays compared to a couple of decades ago, however I disagree with this statement. I think that there are perhaps more opportunities, however the first step is to actually take the opportunity and be brave enough to present yourself to the world. Secondly, I’m sure being successful on the internet will take just as much hard work and commitment, if not more, than a traditional job.

I am just very glad that platforms such as YouTube and WordPress exist, as they give me access to amazing original and creative content that is often better than on TV and the media. Many people say that the internet is ruining the modern generation, I think it’s allowing everyone to express themselves and do what truly makes them happy without having to get anyone else’s approval.