Problem 2 – I Don’t Like Carrying an Umbrella



I don’t use an umbrella, because I don’t like carrying them. I just fell that most are too flimsy and can be tiring to carry for a long time, especially when its windy and I have to keep adjusting its angle to stop it from being blown inside out.

Possible Solution


The purpose of an umbrella is just to create a cover for us from the rain. It usually does quite a good job at keeping our upper body dry, but doesn’t usually keep our lower legs or feet dry. However in windy and very rainy conditions they might not be very useful at all at keeping us dry.

The easiest solution to keep our entire body dry would of course be some sort of sheet that covers our entire body, sort of like putting a duvet over our head. However anything this large would be cumbersome to use, and it would probably be better just to wear waterproof overalls.

A solution to make the umbrella easier to carry in the rain would be to attach it to our body somehow, so that we can carry on walking while it is able to just stay above us. Attaching it to parts of our body that move when we are walking could make the umbrella unstable, which rules out our arms and legs. Attaching it to the top of our heads like a large hat is a possibility, which I think I have seen utilised, but perhaps not great in terms of style. Shoulders and waist are perhaps the only other parts that stay relatively steady while walking. I think that strapping something around the waist isn’t the most comfortable thing to do though, so perhaps shoulder is better. Although just putting an umbrella on our shoulders probably isn’t the most practical thing to carry and do.

A product that many people put on their shoulders quite often is a rucksack. I think that an umbrella can be integrated into a rucksack and come out when required, and retract when it’s no longer required. It will require a moisture sensor in order to know when to come out and when to retract. If the rucksack is also waterproof then the shape of the umbrella can just fan out over the person instead of having to spread out over the bag as well. Adding a drying system that uses the natural flow of air into the bag for the compartment that the umbrella is contained will also help it dry after it is retracted. Of course, intergrating it into a bag could mean that it can be taken out when not required.


Unfortunately I have not been able to solve all the problems of using an umbrella that I previously stated with this solution, so if you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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