Problem 3 – Holding the Shower Head



This isn’t really that big a problem for me but I can imagine that some people could find having to hold the shower head difficult. I have been wondering why all shower heads pretty much work the same way: which involves a handle that is held. Alternatively they cannot be moved at all and are fixed to the wall or a bracket, which can be seen as limiting. The main disadvantage of having to grip something while having a shower is that is can slippery.

Possible Solution


A very quick and easy solution to improve the dexterity of using an object is to make it more ergonomic: with finger grips and coating the contact point with more grippy material. However this still does not take away the fact that an object still has to be held.

The purpose of a shower is to clean our body in a way that is usually quicker than taking a bath. A simple definition of a shower is a nozzle that sprays water. This means that it can only usually be applied to one small area of the body at a time. If the shower could cover our entire body simultaneously then it would not require us to hold and move anything. I have seen some 360 degree shower concepts that form a ring and sprays water from every angle towards the centre. I can see the benefits in this concept but it would be difficult to implement in many smaller bathrooms.

I think a more practical solution would be to somehow implement a new design into existing taps and shower kits. This would mean mainly replacing the shower head. I think that this can be done by attaching the shower head to the user’s hand instead of being held, which would give the effect of the water coming out of the hand. The reason for attaching it there is because we usually have to move our hands to apply soap anyway. The shape of the head can be adapted to fit most hands ergonomically, with a slot where our hand can slip into; adjustment might also be required. The head can then be attached to the existing hose, and nothing else has to be changed.

Accessories such as sponges can then be attached to the head. Temperature controls and the on/off switch can also be built into the head making it the only thing needs to be used in the shower; although this could mean that the entire shower kit will have to be redesigned as well to accommodate these extra functions on the head.

As always, if you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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