Problem 8 – I Can’t Find What I’m Looking for in Supermarkets



There are some things I prefer to do the traditional way. Grocery shopping is one of them. I like being able to pick and choose what I think is the best out of the selection, instead of having someone choose a random one for me. Therefore it means I actually have to go to the shop and then find what I want. This is usually simple for things such as fruit, vegetables and meat; however it can become quite difficult when looking for things I buy less often. For example, recently I couldn’t find salt and before then I couldn’t find eggs. I know that there are signs above each aisle, but they don’t include everything and I generally also look around at eye level and sometimes forget about the signs.

Possible Solution


I have not been to a supermarket that has solved this problem particularly well yet, and it’s usually just down to the way they lay things out or big signs. However I think a more technological solution can be found.

Many people carry a shopping list when going to a supermarket and many of those are now in digital format on phones. As our main purpose of shopping that day will be to buy those items, then we can tell the supermarket to take us to the location of those items if we share it with them. This can be done by having a ‘shopping list’ feature in a supermarket’s app. We can enter our shopping list onto their app and then it can direct us to the nearest store. Once inside the store it can then direct us using the GPS on our phone through the layout of the store. Using this method, it can also direct us through the store in the quickest way, or even take us past more promotional items.

The app could also tell us if the items we want are in stock and how many are remaining before we even go to the shop. It can then suggest other shops that do have the items we want in stock.

We could also link our payment card to the app and be able to pay direct on the app after shopping instead of having to go to the till. Online shopping can also be incorporated into the app for people who prefer this. It would mean that groceries can be automatically delivered periodically off the shopping list.

In a way, this app concept could be used for any store and not just supermarkets, and would link the digital and traditional ways we buy products.

As always, if you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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