Problem 11 – My Clothes Take Too Long to Dry



If I had a garden I could dry my clothes outside on a warm, sunny day in a matter of hours, however, unfortunately I don’t have a garden so am restricted to having to dry them indoors. This means that they usually take a few days to dry, but there should be a way to accelerate this process.

Possible Solution


Most drying racks consist of several thin metal rods that are laid out horizontally. They usually just vary by size and the method they fold up. Overall, they are usually quite simple and are just used for suspending clothes in the air. This means that they have to be placed next to a heater or window to get them to dry faster, which also means that one side will probably dry faster than the other.

The quickest way to dry clothes is probably with heat to evaporate the moisture, and adding wind will accelerate this process. Therefore if a drying rack could include a heating and blowing element then it would become much more effective and can be placed anywhere.

To make the heating element most effective, its contact with the clothes will have to be maximised. If space is also another factor to be minimised then the best orientation of the heating elements will be vertical. If there are several rows of vertical heating elements, then clothes can be placed on them with maximum contact. Adding holes in these heating elements where air can come out will increase the speed of evaporation.

Having rows of heating elements can still mean that they can be pushed together, when not used, to save space, although it will be much heavier than conventional drying racks. However, having the heating element built into the rack could mean that it has to be moved less. If the heating elements could be split and have several layers, then it can carry even more clothes.

The main disadvantage would be that it will use electricity, however it might be still be cheaper than buying and using a tumble dryer. The temperature of the heaters will also have to be perfect so that it’s not too hot to use, and the noise of the air blowing out will also have to be minimised.

As always, if you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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