Problem 13 – Dirty Shoes



It is very difficult to avoid getting our shoes dirty, so occasionally we will have to clean them or pay someone to clean them for us. Usually, for the majority of the day, we won’t be wearing our shoes, so they have plenty of time to be cleaned. The only problem is that we do not have plenty of time to clean them.

Possible Solution


The logical solution would be for them to be cleaned when they are not being worn. This could mean that we do not have to do anything or even be aware that they are being cleaned, and that they are just ready for us when we need to wear them again.

Many people put their shoes in a shoe rack when they’re not being worn, therefore if they could be cleaned in the rack then it will not disrupt what a lot of people do anyway. The rack can be modified slightly so that shoes go in closed compartments, which will contain the cleaning equipment. The user can just put their shoes in and then choose if they want their shoes to be cleaned and what level of cleaning they want. It can then show the user how long the cleaning will take, which will mean that the user will know if they will be ready for when they next need them.

The main problem with this concept is with how the shoes will be cleaned. This is because all shoes vary in size, shape and material, and so there is not a universal method to clean all shoes. The product will have to be smart enough to recognise what shoe it is, or the user will have to input the information. Shoe cleaning can also be quite in intricate process, which is why there are very few fully automated shoe cleaning products.

I have not managed to come up with clear solution for this problem, so if you think you have a solution for this problem or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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