Problem 14 – How Much Electricity does Everything Use?



I recently got a bit of shock when I saw my electricity bill, as it was quite a bit higher than I expected. I am not able to see my meter where I live, so am not able to track how much electricity I am using. Even if I had a meter, I wouldn’t be too sure what is really using the most energy.

Possible Solution


There are smart meters that can track energy usage in real time and how much it is costing as well, however they are unable to track individual products. A solution would be if a product could connect to smart meters and phones, and give the ability to see the energy usage of individual products.

A method to measure the energy usage of products would be to have a measuring device between the plug and wall socket. This method could be quite discrete and just involve a slim ‘puck’ that slots onto any plug. The ‘puck’ would have to contain the measuring element and also a chip to transmit the data. It also cannot be too thick to prevent the plug from being plugged into the socket. Using this method would also mean that these ‘pucks’ can stay on all plugs and become a semi-permanent feature.

The data from the ‘puck’ can then be transmitted to a phone and smart meter, and then individual breakdowns can be accessed. However, the user will have to manually name the product that each ‘puck’ is connected to, which can be edited when it changes.

As always, if you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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