Problem 15 -Standing Up



Sometimes getting up from a seat can be difficult, especially for elderly people. They usually have to be helped up or spend a while clambering up. It also usually means they are restricted to sitting in firm seats only.

Possible Solution


The logical solution would be to make the seat help its user up, however this will have to be done using a very careful and safe method. One way a seat can do this is to slowly straighten in the vertical direction.

In order to do this safely, it will have to make sure the user has their feet on the ground first. This can be done by having a pressure sensor on the floor where the user’s feet would go. It can lower the height of its legs until it detects that the user has their feet firmly on the ground. Once it detects this then it can slowly straighten itself, however it will finish at a slight angle to give the user something to lean on. Its arms can also follow this movement in order to provide the user with arm supports as well. The arms will also prevent the user from falling off sideways.

Once it detects that the user has stepped away for a period of time then it can fold back up, or even stay in the same position until the user stands on the pressure pad again and presses a button to make it fold back into a chair.

A seat like this might cost a lot more than a conventional wooden chair, however it might prove to be invaluable to an eldery person who lives alone.

As always, if you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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