Problem 16 – Spitting Oil



A common problem I have when frying something is that the oil in the pan spits out and covers my cooktop, and quite often also gets on me which can be very painful.

Possible Solution


A simple solution would be to put a lid on the pan, however this will then mean that the food is not as easy to access. Also, if it’s not a glass lid then the state of the food cannot be seen.

A better solution would involve still being able to access the food, while also preventing the oil from coming out of the pan. This could be done by having a lid with a slot for a wooden spoon to still access the food, and also having a hole on the top to allow addition of ingredients. The lid will have to be made out of glass, so the user can still see the state of the food. The hole on top will also have to be in a funnel shape to minimise oil spitting out.

The main problem would be the difficulty to mix or flip the food on the pan with this lid on. Although there is a slot for a wooden spoon, it will still restrict its movement. A solution for this would be to make a larger cut-out in the lid for the spo0n. An attachment can then be put on the spoon to cover the hole, which will minimise oil coming out.

Of course, another disadvantage of this product would be that there will be another item to wash up afterwards. However it might be easier than cleaning the whole stove surface, and also getting burnt by the oil. There might also have to be different sizes to accommodate different pan sizes.

As always, if you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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