Problem 18 – Bike Thefts



Bike thefts are a common problem, particularly with parts being stolen. Quite often, even if the bike frame is locked, the wheels can still be stolen and vice versa.

Possible Solution


Some people use 3 locks when securing their bike; one lock per wheel and one on the frame. The locks will also have to be strong enough to stop theives cutting through them. This usually involves the cyclist having to carry 3 heavy locks with them whenever they use their bike.

I think the locks can be more integrated with the bike, so the cyclist will not have to carry them separately and they will always be ready to be used. Two locks can be secured on the bike by the front and rear wheels and lock the wheels when the cyclist activates them. Another lock on the body can then secure the bike to a railing.

Adding connectivity between the locks and the cyclist’s phone will mean extra functionality can be put on the locks. They can contain GPS for the user to locate their bike if it has been stolen. They can also contain a remote locking feature so the user can lock the wheels and prevent the bike being used if it is missing.

These locks will have to be made out of a very hard and tough material to prevent it from being broken by thieves. They might also have to be recharged or have batteries replaced if it has the extra functionality with a phone. However they could encourage more people to cycle if they know that they can track their bike, and know that it will be very difficult to steal.


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