Problem 20 – How did I Cook that Last Time?



It can sometimes be difficult to cook something exactly the same as before. The timing and amount of heat applied can have a big effect, but are not always the easiest to control.

Possible Solution


Nowadays, technology is present in almost every product, however it usually attempts to be one step ahead of us and give us what we want before we even know we want it. I think there might be some things that technology will ever be able to master like humans and cooking is one of them. Therefore, instead of technology trying to teach humans how to cook, why couldn’t humans teach technology how to cook and then it can just help us cook more efficiently next time?

Cooking can involve a bit of luck sometimes, perhaps we think we apply too much heat or take it off the heat too soon, however it can sometimes produce surprisingly good results. However trying to remember all the small details that made a dish good last time can be difficult.

If our cooker and oven could remember exactly how long we left a pot or pan on, exactly what heat it was on as well, and remind us next time then it can reduce the stress we can experience trying to remember what we did last time.

We can tell the cooker when we start cooking and when we finish, and it can remember how we used it and even automatically do the same thing the next time we choose to cook the same thing. It can link to our phone or tablet and each session can be renamed to the name of the specific dish that we made. If we want to cook the same thing again then we just have to select the dish and either have it remind us what we did or automatically copy what we did.

Perhaps a camera can even be added to the extractor fan above to record exactly what we did, which can then be replayed when we cook it again.

Of course there are other factors that can affect cooking such as the amount of each ingredient, however just getting reminders sometimes can prove to be quite useful.

If you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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