Problem 21 – What to Wear?



Sometimes we just can’t decide what to wear and it might take a long time to lay our clothes out in front of us just to pick one and put the rest back.

Possible Solution


If artificial intelligence could help us pick sets of clothes that match, and even learn from our style then it could take away the need for us to decide what to wear. In order for it to be able to do this, it will have to know what clothes we currently have. It can do this by taking a photo of the clothes we put into our wardrobe and drawer. It will then require an algorithm to determine what colours and styles match.

Once it has determined how it could match the clothes it will require an interface to display the results to us when we want to know. This can be done on our phone or tablet, but we will not be able to see how it looks on us. Another possibility would be to show it on a mirror that has a camera which can track the user. It can then overlay the clothes on the user’s body in the display on the mirror. The user can then use gesture controls to switch between different outfits. The problem will be that the user will still have to find the clothes after picking a set.

The user can also specify the occassion the outfit is for and the AI can then adjust its recommendations based on this. It also means that outfits can be picked ahead of time and then reminded to the user when the time comes.

Clothes shopping can also be built into this if retailers allow their clothes to be able to be downloaded and tried on by users in their own homes. It can then also work out the user’s size and even order the clothes straight away.

As always, if you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to solve then please feel free to comment it.


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