Problem 26 – Getting the Microwave to Heat My Food Properly



I am rarely able to heat up my food properly in the microwave first time. Sometimes, it stops too early, other times the food gets hot on the outside but is still cold on the inside. The amount of time that is set is usually a guessing game.

Possible Solution


If instead of setting the time, the temperature is set, then we can get more precise control of our food. This would involve having a temperature sensor, perhaps in the form of an infrared sensor, inside the microwave that can detect the temperature of the food contents. It can then also focus the microwaves on areas that are heating up slower, and allow a more consistent temperature increase in the food.

Sometimes, we need to stir thick food before continuing to microwave it in order to get the contents to heat up consistently. If the microwave could stir the food automatically then it would mean that we would not have to interact with the microwave apart from putting the food in and taking it out.

The microwave can also have a ‘keep warm’ function where it keeps the food inside at a set temperature.

As always, if you think you have a solution or if you have a problem you would like me to try to sovle then please feel free to comment it.


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