Problem 31 – I Forgot to Take the Trash Out



We can easily forget to take the trash out on a collection day or overfill our bins. Dealing with trash is also generally an unpleasant task anyway.

Possible Solution


The bin can automatically close the bag inside and have it ready for us to take out. This can be done when it detects that the trash has reached a particular height of weight. It can also do it at a scheduled time – before a collection day for example. This can be set on our phone via an app.

The bin can automatically close the bag if bags with tie strings are used, as it would just need to pull the strings. It can then open its front and allow the filled bag to fall out. Spare bags can be stored in the lid, and it can replace them by blowing them open into the bin. We can then get notified on our phone when it has dispensed a filled bag.

As bins usually stay in one place, they can be plugged into an outlet to provide power. We would only be required to replace the bags and dispose of the dispensed bag, however it should prevent the problem of forgetting to take the trash out.

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Problem 30 – Untidy Desk



Many people struggle with the problem of having an untidy desk, which usually leads to lower productivity due to not being able to find things as quickly. It can also cause higher levels of stress due to the cluttered or unorganised environment.

Possible Solution


Many people use dividers, racks and other desk tidies to try to organise their things. A problem with these is that they can also take up space and contribute to the untidiness.

I think having the desk itself change shape and form compartments for us to use however we want then it would create a more integrated solution. This could involve having the desk surface divided into several pieces which can move vertically to create distinct segments. These segments can also have shelving built into them that are revealed when it rises, and can then be lowered and hidden when not being used.

This solution can also create a more ergonomic desk if it includes surfaces that can tilt, rise and lower. The user can control every element of the desk on an app and because the desk will use electricity, it can also have a series of power sockets built in to make cable management easier. Perhaps it could even integrate a wireless charging surface.

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Problem 29 – Carrying Heavy Luggage with Nowhere to Sit




Queuing up to check-in at the airport is a common place where we can wait for a long time without being able to sit down. Quite often we are also carrying heavy luggage.

Possible Solution



At the airport many people will be carrying suitcases with them. They are usually quite cumbersome, especially on crowded public transport. However if they can be converted to become a seat when required then it will give them another function instead of getting in the way.

This can be done by having the wheels further from the front of the suitcase to provide a wider and more stable base to sit on. The wheels will also have to be able to be locked to stop the suitcase moving when the user is sitting on it. The handle can be used as the backrest if it is wider and with more horizontal struts. The main suitcase body will also have to be reinforced to support the weight of a person. This will also give it more strength when in transit and protect its contents better.

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Problem 28 – No Time to Plan



Sometimes, things happen quite spontaneously, or there might be things you forgot to consider. For example, you could suddenly decide to visit a friend one day and then realise you haven’t got anything to eat. You could then use the personal assistant on your phone to find places to eat, but it will only show you the places closest to you at that time and it won’t necessarily be places you like. A place you like might then be too far away and a compromise will have to be made.

Possible Solution


I think that artificial personal assistants can get a lot smarter and that they are only just in their premature stage at the moment. One way I think they can get smarter is by getting the ability to plan your entire day ahead for you.

This can start by just asking the user what their plans for the day are after they wake up, perhaps when they’re having breakfast. Over time it can learn any potential patterns the user has, for example working 9 to 5 on weekdays or doing grocery shopping every Saturday.

It can then tell the user things like traffic information, weather and even possible places to eat or things to cook. In the evenings it can then recommend films or TV series to watch. If the user does something spontaneous, they can either tell the assistant or the assistant can detect that they are going to a specific location and then suggest places to eat along the way, or things to do when they get there.

Just telling the assistant that you plan to get to a specific location by a certain time can then allow it to calculate the exact leaving time to account for other activities such as eating. It can then help you build a schedule that fits comfortably around what you want to do while also allowing you to get what you need to do done.

Of course there is the issue with privacy if the device is constantly listening and sending the data to a server to analyse. Some people might also dislike the intrusiveness or dependence we will have on technology if it decides everything that we do.

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Problem 27 – Blocked Sink



Kitchen sinks can get blocked quite easily as waste food can build up by the drain.

Possible Solution


Instead of having one drainage hole, having multiple or a larger drainage area would allow the water to drain quicker and reduce the chance of a blockage. One possible drainage method would be to have a gap between the base and sides of the sink. This would mean that the middle of the sink is raised slightly and the water can run off in any direction. There can also be another drainage gap further up the sides of the sink to prevent it overflowing.

To block the drainage, it can be as simple as pushing the centre of the base of the sink and allowing it to flatten. To allow drainage again, it would just involve pulling the centre of the sink back up slightly.

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Problem 26 – Getting the Microwave to Heat My Food Properly



I am rarely able to heat up my food properly in the microwave first time. Sometimes, it stops too early, other times the food gets hot on the outside but is still cold on the inside. The amount of time that is set is usually a guessing game.

Possible Solution


If instead of setting the time, the temperature is set, then we can get more precise control of our food. This would involve having a temperature sensor, perhaps in the form of an infrared sensor, inside the microwave that can detect the temperature of the food contents. It can then also focus the microwaves on areas that are heating up slower, and allow a more consistent temperature increase in the food.

Sometimes, we need to stir thick food before continuing to microwave it in order to get the contents to heat up consistently. If the microwave could stir the food automatically then it would mean that we would not have to interact with the microwave apart from putting the food in and taking it out.

The microwave can also have a ‘keep warm’ function where it keeps the food inside at a set temperature.

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Problem 25 – Learning How to Play the Piano



Learning how to play the piano can be difficult and many people pay a lot of money to get taught.

Possible Solution


Piano design has not changed much since they were introduced. Technology has been implemented in some pianos to create electric and self playing pianos.

I have always thought that the music stand is not in a very good position in relation to the keys, as you cannot look at the music and the keys at the same time. This is especially difficult for people who are just starting to learn how to play. If the music was closer to the keys then it would be easier to look between the two.

One place the music can be positioned is the inside of the lid that covers the keys. Trying to squeeze sheet music onto there will be difficult, however if a screen ran along the length of it then the music can be displayed at any size and brightness. The music can then scroll along following the notes the user is playing. This takes away the need to turn pages of sheet music, and large collections of music can be downloaded to it.

A piano tutor can be implemented into this screen as well by displaying all the keys of the piano, and then showing how a piece is meant to be played by also showing someone play the piece. A camera located above the keys of the piano can then overlay the user’s hands on the screen and allow the user to see the possition of their hands compared to the tutor’s hands. Alternatively, the user can record their hands when playing a piece and watch it another time.

This design will mean that everything the user needs to look at is located near the keys, and should make the piano more ergonomic.

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